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Vogue Mexico Digital Cover October 2022 Issue.

"After her photo session, Katya Echazarreta arrives to start our interview dressed in an electric blue uniform. It could not be otherwise, it is the same suit that he wore on June 4, 2022, when she fulfilled a promise that was made when she was only seven years old: to reach outer space. The now 27-year-old became the first woman born in Mexico to travel into space aboard the fifth manned flight of the aerospace transport company, Blue Origin, on the NS-21 mission. She was chosen from among 7,000 applicants by Space for Humanity, a non-profit organization that selects leaders from around the world to experience space flight with the goal of changing their perspective on the world upon their return."

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Woman of the Year for Glamour Mexico in the category of Science and Glamour Mexico cover November 2022 Issue.

"Katya Echazarreta needs no introduction, but of course she deserves it: she is originally from Guadalajara, is 27 years old, studied electrical engineering and has already put the name of Mexico high up by becoming the first Mexican woman to go into space (and with great style, it should be noted). Wow!

Her career in the world of science, when she entered the field from a young age until she got to work at NASA and complete one of the most important missions of her life, has undoubtedly required enormous effort and constant work that, at Glamor, we recognize. fervently, and for that: she is our Woman of the Year in the area of ​​science!"


"100 mujeres más poderosas de México en 2022"


Host of the Netflix Film Club YouTube series "Netflix IRL".

The series "Netflix IRL" seeks to scientifically test out your favorite TV show and movie scenes to determine whether they are scientifically accurate!


"As a child, Kat Echazarreta ’19 was fascinated by electricity. How does electricity work? And why? How can electricity be used to create new technologies? " -UCLA Samueli Newsroom


"Electric Kat" on CBS "Mission Unstoppable" Season 3 and 4.

"Electric Kat" demonstrates her favorite facts through electrifying segments.

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Katya Echazarreta has a long list of accomplishments: a 4.0 GPA, vice president of the Society of Women Engineers, and member of Phi Theta Kappa, to name a few. Katya began her educational journey at San Diego City College, and in May she received our Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which will help her pursue a degree in electrical engineering at UCLA.

This past summer, Katya had the amazing opportunity to conduct research at Rutgers University in RiSE (Research in Science and Engineering) Program, funded by a NASA grant.

“I can do all of the things that I wanted to do and now even more, because I am a Cooke Scholar,” said Katya.


Featured by San Diego City College for her outstanding academic performance, and for being an exemplary student who represents what the community college system is designed for. 

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