Featured and recognized by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation as one of their scholars. Katya tells her success story in an effort to inspire others to believe they can achieve regardless of where you begin. 

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Katya Echazarreta has a long list of accomplishments: a 4.0 GPA, vice president of the Society of Women Engineers, and member of Phi Theta Kappa, to name a few. Katya began her educational journey at San Diego City College, and in May she received our Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, which will help her pursue a degree in electrical engineering at UCLA.

This past summer, Katya had the amazing opportunity to conduct research at Rutgers University in RiSE (Research in Science and Engineering) Program, funded by a NASA grant.

“I can do all of the things that I wanted to do and now even more, because I am a Cooke Scholar,” said Katya.


Featured by San Diego City College for her outstanding academic performance, and for being an exemplary student who represents what the community college system is designed for. 

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Featured by 4ta Revolucion, a Mexican publication focusing on members of the latino community who have broken barriers.

"Esta mexicana nos enseña la tenacidad que se necesita para lograr el sueño de formar parte de una de las misiones de exploración espacial más prometedoras para encontrar vida en otro cuerpo de nuestro Sistema Solar, NASA's Europa Clipper Mission"